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Frequently Asked Questions / General info / Help

Q1: Will you add new tunes/books?
A1: Only if you send the indexes, using the excel template

Q2: Can i download the tunes?
A2: Nope due to copyrights it's not possible to make them available to .. well YOU.

Q3: If i find a tune i want, will you send it to me?
A3: see A2

Q4: Who made this crappy thing?
A4: Me .. Henri Aanstoot

Q5: How to find Mc and Mac?
A5: well .. m?cKin .. finds it .. 
    l*ned finds Lord Alexander Kennedy

Q6: How to contribute to this site?
A6: Send book-indexes in CSV or XLS.
    Template here
    I also want frontcover scans! .. (Minimal 640pixels wide please)
    Send to 


Q7: Why is pipetunesearch.org down? A7: I stopped this website, see https://www.henriaanstoot.nl/2022/03/23/20-years-www-pipetunesearch-org/ But i've got emails and forums mentioning people missing this website, so its up again at another url. Q8: What's AKA? A8: A tune may have several titles ... AKA stands for : Also Known As Table at bottom of page shows which bookinfo's are missing ... and which bookcovers Small cover: 180 pixels wide Big cover: 640 pixels wide for landscape sizes 640 pixels high for portrait sizes