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List Books

List of Books:
80 Favourite Bagpipe Tunes, Holyrood Collection Book 179
A Few Tunes (Vale Of Atholl)64
A High Cut Above47
Alasdair Gillies - March Strathspey and Reel Vol151
An Ift Of Efts70
Ann Gray - Bk1 Ann Gray's Collection82
Ann Gray - Bk2 Ann Gray's Collection70
Argyll and Sutherland Collection68
Bagpipe Music - John MacFadyen66
Bagpipe Music for Dancing47
Barrie W. and J. - A Lifetime of Compositions77
Barry Shears - Bk1 Clans Collection,V192
Barry Shears - Bk2 Cape Breton Collection133
Battlefield Band: Forward With Scotlands Past25
Bob Worrall - International Collection - Book 290
Boney Music Book 1 (Colin Magee)61
Bruce Gandy Vol 1 (Contemporary & Trad. Music)72
Bruce Gandy Vol 2 (Contemporary & Trad. Music)63
Bruce Gandy Vol 3 (Contemporary & Trad. Music)71
Bruce Thomson,Dr. - Pass of Brander35
Cabar Feidh Collection, (Queens Own Highl.)211
Cairngorm Collection Book 144
Cairngorm Collection Book 255
Cairngorm Collection Book 360
Ceol Beag agus Ceol Mor (J.A.MacLellan)49
Chris Armstrong - Notes from ma heid54
Chris Armstrong 254
Church Piper - A Piper's garden53
Church Piper - Christmas Music (Vol 2)63
Church Piper - Music of Paradise32
College of Piping Part One15
College of Piping Part Three20
Dave Mason - Tummle yer wilkies52
Dave Rickard - Traditional Irish Music for the Bagpipe50
David Murray - Music of the Scottish Regiments13
Denny and Dunipace Collection108
Dick Lee - The Cat's Pyjamas33
Donald Sutherland's Collection55
Dougie Pincock - The Gem so small63
Duncan Johnstone - "His Complete Compositions"72
Duncan Johnstone Bk 3 - Strath. and Reels54
Edcath Collection Book 146
Edcath Collection Book 255
Essential Tunes - College of Piping53
First Book Neil Dickie43
Fourth Cowal Collection20
Fred Morrison - Outlands25
Fred Morrison Collection57
G.S.McLennan Bagpipe Music60
Glasgow Collection (Robert Wallace), The50
Glendaruel Collection, The by P/M W. Norris48
Glendinning Collection92
Gordon Duncan Book 254
Gordon Duncan's Tunes46
Gordon Highlanders Vol 1242
Gordon Highlanders Vol 2262
Haddow,Alexander John - The History and structure of Ceol Mor2
Highland Bagpipe Tutor Book by The Piping Centre32
How to play the Bagpipe41
Hugh Macpherson - Pipers of the Canadian Regular Army(1950-2000)85
Ian P. Duncan - Cullen Bay Collection47
Irish Tunes for Scot. and Irish War Pipes (W. Walsh)143
James Wark "Molly Connell and Other Tunes"68
John Wilson's Collection Book 151
John Wilson's Collection Book 257
John Wilson's Collection Book 368
Kilberry Book of Ceol Mor, The119
Kintyre Collection (Springbank Distillery)92
Kyle Warren - Tunez50
Lewis Turrell - Collection of Bagpipe Music75
Logan's Tutor - John MacLellan71
Lowland and Border Pipers Soc. - Duets and Harmonies56
MacDonald,William M. - Bk1 Glencoe Collection72
MacDonald,William M. - Bk2 Glencoe Collection52
MacEges Lehrbuch (Reinhold Ege)43
Mark J. Stewart - The Crieff Collection45
Mark Saul Antipodes Vol 328
Mark Saul Vol I "The Antipodes Collection"33
Mark Saul Vol II "The Antipodes Collection"33
Master Method P/M Donald Shaw Ramsay91
McKerrell/MacDonald Collection50
Michael Grey - Bk 1 "First Collection"52
Michael Grey - Bk 2 "Music for pipers"71
Michael Grey - Bk 3 "Old and New Tunes"72
Michael Grey - Bk 4 "Peel Regional PB Collection"61
Minard Castle Collection of Pipe Music (G.M. McIntyre)54
Moidart Collection - Alan MacDonald100
More Music for High. (P/M John A. MacLellan)61
More power to your elbow49
Murray Blair - Philharmonic54
Music for the Highl. Bagpipe P/M John A. MacLellan46
Not for faint fingers46
P/M Angus MacDonald MBE Bk I65
P/M Angus MacDonald MBE Bk II57
P/M D.S.Ramsay Collection96
P/M Donald MacLeods Collection Book 148
P/M Donald MacLeods Collection Book 245
P/M Donald MacLeods Collection Book 362
P/M Donald MacLeods Collection Book 459
P/M Donald MacLeods Collection Book 553
P/M Donald MacLeods Collection Book 657
P/M Robert Mathieson Book 1 "Marking Time"50
P/M Robert Mathieson Book 2 "About Time Two"49
P/M Robert Mathieson Book 3 "Taking Notes"41
P/M Robert Mathieson Book 4 "The Fourth Title"47
P/M W. Ross Collection Book 147
P/M W. Ross Collection Book 252
P/M W. Ross Collection Book 350
P/M W. Ross Collection Book 448
P/M W. Ross Collection Book 548
P/M William Livingstone - Bk1 Bagpipe Music61
P/M William Livingstone - Bk2 Bagpipe Music65
Patrick Molard - To the bobs55
Piobaireachd Society Vol 112
Piobaireachd Society Vol 1033
Piobaireachd Society Vol 1130
Piobaireachd Society Vol 1220
Piobaireachd Society Vol 1320
Piobaireachd Society Vol 1420
Piobaireachd Society Vol 1526
Piobaireachd Society Vol 218
Piobaireachd Society Vol 314
Piobaireachd Society Vol 424
Piobaireachd Society Vol 519
Piobaireachd Society Vol 623
Piobaireachd Society Vol 718
Piobaireachd Society Vol 824
Piobaireachd Society Vol 919
Piper's Delight, The38
Privy Piping46
Queens Own High. - The Pipers Day85
Queens Own Standard Settings272
Quinnmusic Collection60
Robert Macneil Book 162
Romance of the pipes by Bethany Bissallion20
Rory Campbell - Field of Bells - Book 156
Ross Ainsley - Homemade Tunes50
Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association - Tutor and text book 195
Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association - Tutor and text book 243
Ryan Canning - Full Monty52
Scots Guards New Tunes Book 158
Scots Guards standard settings Volume I290
Scots Guards standard settings Volume II188
Seaforth Highlanders - Standard Settings253
Seconds from the Edge - Vol 172
Seumas MacNeill - Collection Part 155
Seumas MacNeill - Book 249
Seumas MacNeill - Pibroch Tutor4
Terry Tully - Collection of trad. Irish Music - Book 181
Terry Tully - Collection of trad. Irish Music - Book 280
Terry Tully - Collection of trad. Irish Music - Book 374
The Lost Collection50
The Victoria Collection by Colin Magee79
Thumb Twiddling (smallpipe) Vicki Swan / Jonny Dyer54
W.M.Barrie - Music for Bagpipes31
Williams,Scott - Bk3 Nova Scotia61
Williams,Scott - Bk4 Nova Scotia68
Wilson, John-A Professional Piper in Peace and War1
Worrall,Andrew W. - Port City Collection63

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